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Our Teachers


Pat Rogan, B.A.,H.Dip.Ed.

Subject: Irish

Pat is a senior Irish teacher in Belvedere College. He is very talented and dedicated with a great love of the Irish language. He has been teaching at St. Helen's Tuition Centre for many years where his students have consistently obtained excellent results. His aim is to pass on his love of his subject to his students, to help them improve their knowledge of Irish, and to give them confidence to speak the language.  He puts particular emphasis on examination technique and gives model answers for all parts of the course. As an Oral Irish
Examiner, his preparation for the Oral Irish examination - which now counts for 40% of the overall mark in Irish - includes an individual mock oral for each student. He gives individual feedback highlighting where a student can improve in order to achieve the maximum mark. Many students have accredited him with enabling them to obtain the extra points required to pursue their chosen course in college.

Greg Keegan B.A.,H.Dip.Ed.
Subject: English

Greg is senior English teacher at St. Fintan’s High School, Sutton. He has over twenty years’ experience of teaching Junior Cert and Leaving Cert English at Higher Level and has extensive experience of examining Higher Level English for  the State Examinations Board for both Junior and Leaving Certificates. He has taught at St. Helen's Tuition Centre for over twelve years and, with his clear insight into the examination process, he has enabled students reach beyond their estimated potential and achieve high marks in their exam. All his classes are designed to provide an advantage in an exam situation and are supported by original notes which have been written with particular focus on what is required for success in the examination.


Glenn Webster BSc. PGDE

Subject: Maths

Glenn is a maths teacher in Dominican College, Griffith Avenue. He loves to teach Maths and his enthusiasm inspires his students to love the subject too. Glenn takes what is percevied to be a tricky subject and takes the time to fully explain each concept and method so that the students can easily apply the concept and adapt the method to suit any question.

To extend and reinforce work in the classroom, Glenn sets online homework based on the comprehensive notes and sample answers he provides. If a student has difficulty finding the solution to a question or does not fully understand an aspect of the question, he/she can send an email and Glenn will respond with additional explanation and worked examples to further clarify the mathematical concept. All online responses to individual students are shared with the entire class thus ensuring that every student benefits and fully understands the material taught in the previous week's class before attending the next class.


Karl Foster, B.A.,H.Dip.Ed. 
Subjects: Business, Maths

 Karl graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours) degree from Trinity College Dublin. He also took the Higher Diploma in Education, obtaining a first class honours grade in the teaching practice component, and was one of three teachers that year to graduate with overall first class honours. Having been an Examiner for the State Examinations Board for several years, he is now an Advising Examiner in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Business. He is also currently Chairperson of the Dublin Branch of the Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland. His pleasant and engaging manner makes him one of our most popular teachers. 

Cathy O’Reilly BSc.,H.Dip.Ed., M Ed.
Subjects: Chemistry, Science

Cathy’s aim is to make Chemistry and Science clear, accessible and interesting.She loves to teach Chemistry and Science and her enthusiasm for them is an inspiration to her students who have consistently achieved excellent results over the years. User-friendly notes are provided for each topic including past examination questions and solutions. As an experienced Examiner for the State Examinations Board, Cathy discusses strategies to maximise grades with particular emphasis on the marking scheme.

Martin McLoughlin BA, MesL
Subject: French

Martin is a fluent French speaker who lived and worked in Paris for 10 years. He graduated with a B.A. Honours  in Frenchwith Education from the University of Ulster before completing a MesL(Masters) at the University of Paris 12.

Martin worked as a ‘Lecteur’ for 5 years  at the University before working in Adult education for Canal Plus, Citroen and

Martin is a very experienced Leaving Cert and Junior cert examiner and has a
particular interest in the oral aspect of the language.

He is a very enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who has a vast experience and
has been teaching with great success in the Irish secondary system for more
than 20 years.


Sharon Karpick: B.Ed Home Ec, M.A, M.SCAgric. (Food Science and Technology)
Subject: Home Economics

Sharon graduated with honours from St. Catherine’s College of Home Economics and has been teaching for more than 20 years
in Ireland and USA. She also holds a Masters Degree in Food Science and Technology from UCD and a Graduate Diploma in Food Science from DIT Kevin’s Street.

Sharon is an experienced Home Economics Examiner at both Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate levels. She has
additional experience working as a nutritional advisor in USA . Her approach to teaching Social and Scientific Home Economics is focused on teaching in a logical and structured way to encourage learning and understanding.

Sharon has a particular interest in encouraging students to build study and exam skills by focusing on exam papers
and utilising regular practise answering questions to aid memory and answering skills. She is an enthusiastic teacher and wants her students to be as passionate about Home Economics as she is. She is happy to work with students  to develop the skills they need to do well in the S and S Home Economics exams.  She will also advise students on their Food Assignment Journals which they will be
submitting in early November.




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