St. Helen's Tuition Academy
St. Helen's National School,
Portmarnock, Co. Dublin
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About St. Helen's Tuition Centre


Depositphotos_12622268_xs.jpgSt. Helen's Tuition Academy Portmarnock is well known for its  excellent teachers and outstanding examination results. 



Complete Syllabus Covered

St. Helen's offers evening classes in all Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects. The courses cover the complete
syllabus in each subject over the full period of the academic
year. Students are therefore advised to enrol in September,
if possible, in order to derive maximum benefit from the

Complements Regular School Work

These classes do not replace or interfere with regular school work, but rather serve as a back-up service to supplement and enhance school learning. There are many reasons why students may not fully master subject material the first time round: missing school, missing study, temporary lapses of concentration,
procrastination, failure to ask questions - to
Depositphotos_6149971_xs.jpgmention but a few. St. Helen's gives students another chance to get to grips with a subject and pay extra attention to their particular knowledge gaps.

Notes and Sample Answers Supplied

Specially prepared notes on each course are provided and
sample answers to exam questions from previous years are
made available. Study Skills are incorporated into each course,
providing advice to students on how to study, with special
emphasis on self-motivation, time management, memory
improvement, essay writing and effective revision.

First Rate Teachers

Teachers at St. Helen's are highly qualified, with extensive
experience of both teaching and correcting Junior and Leaving
Certificate examination courses. Classes are small and
individual attention is a priority. Student attendance is
Depositphotos_23102940_xs.jpgmonitored and absenteeism is queried.
Satisfied Students

The professionalism, efficiency and success of St. Helen's are
well known and are borne out by the large number of satisfied
Junior Cert students who re-enrol for Leaving Cert courses.


Why Students who choose St Helen's Tuition Centre succeed...



Tuition is conducted in fully equiped classrooms with modern teaching facilities at St. Helen's National School, Portmarnock. Co. Dublin.



EASY ACCESS BY BUS - 102, 42, 230 from Malahide, Kinsealy and Swords and from Baldoyle, Sutton, Raheny, Donaghmeade, Clarehall. Coolock and Artane areas.

Early booking is recommended as demand is high and places are limited.

For further information please email or call 0861413551



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