St. Helen's Tuition Academy
St. Helen's National School,
Portmarnock, Co. Dublin
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At St. Helen's Tuition Academy we offer tuition in Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate and Fifth Year courses.


We provide extra tuition and support in a number of different subject areas to fully prepare students for their Junior and Leaving Certficate examinations.


We also offer a number of subjects as 'extra subjects' which allow students in 5th Year to take on a subject that has not been made available to them in their school. By studying this subject with us over the two years, the student will have an extra subject in their Leaving Certificate examantion. This is discussed more on our Extra Subjects page.



We aim to cover the complete syllabuses in a full range of subjects. We ensure that students are fully prepared for their examinations by providing them with entusiastic teachers wih track records and by giving them an environment where they feel safe in asking questions and seeking clarifications.

Unlike other tuition centres, we beleive that thorough understanding comes from quality teaching. We don't provide thousands of pages of notes that students have to go through in their own time. Instead, teachers support their teaching with tailored notes to support the learning of the topic at hand.

Time is given to each student and everyone is encouraged to come to the classes each week with questions to be answered. Due to our small class sizes, we can ensure that every student will be given the time to get clarity where needed.



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